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SylSmart Connected uses wireless mesh communication making it the ideal solution where easy installation, low upfront cost and low maintenance are essential. Built with integrated intelligence in each luminaire, this decentralised and ultimately reliable system offers an unparalleled smart lighting experience. Versatility, flexibility and security are all fundamental strengths of the system and offer plentiful opportunities to fully tailor the light to your needs.

SylSmart Connected can be deployed with ease, speed and highest reliability.
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Integrated intelligence

Integrated Product

 Multi-functional sensor built-in for improved comfort

 Microprocessor and internal memory for edge processing

 Easy installation, with no additional wiring

Decentralised system

Decentralised V3 1

 Wireless communication with distributed intelligence

 Mesh network with no central controller (no single-point of failure)

 Scalable to all project sizes

Simple and intuitive

Laptop+Mobile Square

 Suite of intuitive tools for setup and full customisation

 Simple control logic with advanced algorithm

 Adapted for regular change of layout in the building


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Rapid installation

Pre-configure from offsite, highly accelerated implementation onsite

With SylSmart Connected, no additional wiring is needed, and the installation of SylSmart fixtures is a straight-forward procedure free of complicated steps. The configurations can be created off site from the comfort of your desk and on-site implementation is accelerated with advanced and intuitive mobile app tools. It minimises disruption to occupants, removes unnecessary time spent on site.

Optimised light

Fully customisable tailored light: occupancy detection, daylight linked dimming and light scenes

In buildings, energy efficiency is important but not at the expense of the comfort of its occupants. A good quality of light is essential for human beings, their well-being and productivity. Traditional lighting systems struggle to achieve the right balance between energy efficiency and visual comfort. SylSmart Connected luminaires use in-built intelligence to automatically provide the right amount of light, in the right place and at the right time. These are achieved on a highly granular level with unparalleled performance.

Easy maintenance

Intuitive digital floor plan for flexible workplaces, cloud back-up, wireless and battery free wall switch

Buildings are always evolving. Spaces are rearranged more frequently to match business and occupants needs. With its insightful floor plan view, SylSmart Connected gives you a complete overview of your installation and easily adapts the lighting to any space changes you will experience over the time. Wireless and battery-free wall switches provide maximum flexibility and minimum maintenance, and no complicated qualifications are required to operate the system.

Secure & Interoperable

No single point of failure, seamless connectivity, open standard future-proof, cyber secure platform

Many solutions rely on traditional and centralised architecture increasing the risk of having multiple points of failure in the system. SylSmart Connected Building employs a decentralised communication architecture between all devices to prevent system level outages and ensures device level autonomy. This communication, based on open standard Bluetooth(R) Qualified mesh, is designed for interoperability with other systems in the building and provides end to end and through-life, BSI verified security at its core.


Success Stories

Success Bis
“Thanks to Sylvania’s smart lighting solutions, we were able to achieve a perfect blend of stylish, clean lighting integrated with smart technologies” Philippe Hostens, Marketing Manager for BIS|Econocom.
Success Atalian
“We found SylSmart good to install as no additional cabling is required unlike a system that is not integrated into the luminaire – this is unique." Abdel Hamroun, Operations Manager, Atalian

Designed for you

Facility Manager

"Finally a decentralised smart lighting system that is rapid to implement, effortless to manage whilst utmost reliable and efficient"
  • Fully customisable and flexible lighting
  • Reliable operation and secure access control
  • Interoperable platform for IoT


"With offsite pre-configuration and rapid onsite commissioning its super quick to setup, works reliably for the first time"
  • Pre-configurable from offsite, rapid onsite commissioning
  • No additional hardware, wiring or IT infrastructure required
  • Simple retrofit replacement

Energy Manager

"An intelligent high performance system helping clients to be ahead of legislation and efficiency targets, facilitiating tailored occupant comfort and data insights for analytics and improvement."
  • Maximise savings whilst complying to latest regulations
  • Can help efficient building certificates, meet sustainability targets
  • Data driven insights for analytics supporting year-on year improvement

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